Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ok ...the journey has begun...alot of fern talk and a huge amount of technical talk and terminology. I am spending time on Floor 2 of Te Papa in the Botany department ...the bubble on the south side for those of you that know Te Papa.  So far I have been busy honing my skills on identification and using both a written key and an online tool developed by one of my mentors Patrick Brownsey. Have also been given the low down on how to collect, what to collect and the fern bits to take closest note of for ID purposes. Am getting used to it but a long way to go yet!Today I ploughed through 25 ferns and Id'ed them....tommorow i will check out how I did!
Commuting to Wellington takes a while and my first day meant a 2 hour delay on way home for an incident on the all good. Enough...will report again tomorrow.

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