Sunday, 27 March 2016

Week 9 term 1 2016

Week 9 term 1 2016

Wonderful vegetables!
I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Easter. I am slowly recovering and getting better at walking. I use just one crutch.
Thank you so much for the cards that Mrs Graham delivered to my house.....some excellent writing practice and they have really encouraged me!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

week 7 term 1 2016

week 7
Sue Hall will take over this Wednesday and will be teaching Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the end of term with Rose Grahame taking Friday and Monday.They are both highly capable teachers and very approachable...any problems please feel free to speak to them.

Letter Ff this week

Mighty Maui - Puppet Show $4 this Thursday

Toro Pikopiko Puppets Celebrating their twentieth year of creating Maori themed entertainment for children. A musical called 'Mighty Maui' weaves together eight of Maui Tikitiki's most daring deeds. Mighty Maui features 70 unique Flatso puppets and is fully interactive. They have recently made a puppet music video of the title song from the show, which can be viewed on You Tube by googling 'Mighty Maui Music video'. Check it out if you want to see the fabulous Flatsos in action.

Scooter week. Everyday scooters can be used on the court as a lunchtime activity. See the timetable for your whanau scooter day: Monday: Te Waka Tuesday: Nga Manu Wednesday: Te Whenua Thursday: Te Awa Friday: Te Moana Smoothie day Thursday is smoothie day. If you walk, bike or scooter to school and bring 2 pieces of fruit on Thursday the mediators will make you a milk smoothie at lunchtime in the Hall.

Monday, 7 March 2016

week 6 term 1 2016

week 6

Class competition: decorate the template of a shoe for our school gate (we will collect these on Friday).
Tuesday (tomorrow): decorate your bike, scooter, skateboard. Whanau points! Spot prizes.
Wednesday is watermelon day. Bring a piece of watermelon in your lunch box.
Thursday is tomato day. Bring a tomato in your lunch box

letter s

maths week 5 - combining geometry, counting and recording