Friday, 17 February 2012

More practice at identifying!

Ok so here is where I am currently working for those of you who don't live in the NI or particularly
Wellington plus a few shots of the lab
a filmy fern which has been collected ready for cataloguing in the Te Papa Herbarium collection

what i look down a microscope for....shape and attachment of indusium

spores and indusium

...Adiantum showing kidney shaped indusium
(maidenhair fern)

my walk along the water front

...I work in the second floor "bubble" over looking the marina

lots of ferns to try out my knowledge

Asplenium flaccidum

and that adds some for last week....we also did a field trip to Hokio Beach near Levin to look for a rare Ophioglossum fern...didn't find but we found a special liverwort and saw two pairs of breeding!!Interesting sandy wetland area.

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