Wednesday, 4 December 2013

week 9 term 4 2013

Today .....Monday 9 December we are going to the St Luke's Christmas Show on a bus or by will not be going if you have not brought permission slips back!

Tuesday at 1.45pm we have our first performance for parents and Wednesday at 6 pm our second performance.....remember to bring your outfits.

Monday, 2 December 2013

week 8.....2013

week 8....December ......SUMMER!

Friday this week- Christmas themed day for a coin trail raising money for the coin donation.

Thursday reminder to bring a bike helmet for our item and end of year celebration production next week. 

Look what arrived in our class on Tuesday morning.Thankyou Sophie and Tommie.

Felix/ Rufus/ Wishes and Patches.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

week 7 2013 A popular site in the mornings WEEK 7 A surprise for the children this for the photos!! Swimming on Wednesday at 2pm

 Ronald MacDonald

 Today we saw Ronald Macdonald at Kapanui School. He brought a big big story one day Ronald MacDonald woke up. It was a windy day. He had to do his washing. The first thing he put on his washing line was his sock.A red and white sock. When he put the other sock on the sock blew away. The story was about road safety. By Rafferty

Sunday, 17 November 2013

week 6 term 4 2013

week 6 Term 4 2013

Our 5 t a day picnic lunches which we made at Discovery with greens from the gardens......Yum!

welcome to Journey

Pr  for prince

Swimming begins on Wednesday this week......we will be walking to the pool at 1.50 pm and walking back at about 2.45 pm.

Chicken news ....Sunlight is HUGE!!! Will find out about Dot today........and she is fine although quite little still.

On Wednesday we are having a healthy bun day and you need a bun or roll and we will fill it up.

The Beach
Yesterday dad and Lily and I went to the beach and we wore our gumboots and coat.We went to the muddy part to catch tiny crabs.I caught two big ones and one middle sized one.We released them in the water.We watched them scurry away and then dig a hole in the sand.Next we went to the sandy part and played pirates and I made a line through the sand.Through a bug grave yard and the broken forest of souls to the enchanted seaweed .Next we dug it up then we looked for a new ship.Then Lily decided she would be a cat.Then we pretended it was daddy pirates birthday.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

week 5 T4 2013


Today one of the eggs has a little hole in it. And eggs go squeak squeak and it wiggles and jiggles around and when it hatches I will be very excited.We named the chicken Sunlight.   It is fluffy yellow with a triangle nose.
by Kyan

Number one has hatched!! ....bang on time

present, princess.........

Halloween treats from Tommie's Mum


Making our dolls with Helen and Sophie...thankyou!

Paora on the way

Look what I found when I arrived Monday Morning!

...and then there were two!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

week 4 t4 2013

Week 4 T 4 2013

tray, trike, trouble, true tree trust, truck, trick train

Kapa haka festival is on today....big day for Kapanui!

On Tuesday this week we will be doll making.....look out for progress pictures of our sewing!


I went to the fireworks with my oma and opa. The fireworks were like blustery stars. They made a crackling noise. I got same candy floss. I really,really think it was brilliant. For dinner I got fish and chips.
 By Ryan.

Monday, 28 October 2013

week 3- short week T4 2013

week 3

Remember to leave a comment if you visit our blog!

Letters Tr

Grandparents morning- Thursday this week!

help required if you are available on Fridayat 11.30am  til 12.00 or 1.50- 3.00 for sewing!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week 2 term 4

Extra note for this term....we welcome comments and the children would love to see them and read them so please try it out!

Welcome to week 2 Remember we need hats this term. We will repeat last weeks poem this week and need to keep learning it. Gr....our digraph for the week....we will also repeat this and do a little more on our handwriting. Keep working on doubles to 20 for maths and then .....11+11=10+10+1+1. Etc....more to come later!

Note the invitation notice in your book bag today! 

Grandparents or any special other is invited to school next Thursday for a dance presentation and morning tea in the classroom

you may hear the children practicing this....

Nana Rides a Scooter
Mum says Nana’s naughty,
She won’t do what she’s told,
She’s just turned ninety five,
But she doesn’t act that old,
She doesn’t ride a wheel chair,
Cos that just doesn’t suit her,
When she goes down to the town,
She rides a scooter.

Nana rides a scooter – look out here she comes!
Her smiling face from ear to ear
She’s showing off her gums.
She may have arthritis – banyans on her heels,
But she’s my groovy Granny – the fastest on two wheels!

On Friday nights she loves to race,
The hoons just up the street,
Toughie dudes with greasy dreads,And wheels instead of feet,
Her scooter isn’t pretty,With just a touch of rust,
But that’s the way she likes it,And she leaves them in her dust!

Nana wears a medal,
She got it just last week,
Caught a van of robbers, who were faster than the police,
She pulled up to their window and watched them turning pale,
“I’m that naughty Nana who is taking you to jail”


welcome Kyle!

welcome Finn
welcome Lachie

Thankyou Tommie and Sophie

Friday, 11 October 2013

week 1 term 4 2013

Welcome to our new entrants for this term...a busy last term for the year.

We are looking at diversity and celebrations; we have swimming starting November 20 and 10 weeks of action!!
Term 4 requires the children to have and wear hats when outside at all times. Hats are available from the office in the correct whanau colour.We will have sunscreen on hand if outside and exposed.

week one.....Gr for Grandparents


Please get the children to learn this!


 My Granny is so groovy,

 My Granny is so cool.

 My Granny loves to duck dive,

 Into our swimming pool. 

 My Granny’s hair is grey,

 She has a great big grin.

 My Granny bikes all over town,

 Doing wheel spins.

 I love my Granny very much,

 I think my heart might burst.

 If Granny could win prizes,

 My Granny should come first!

Discovery - batik pictures

Discovery - crayon cupcakes




Monday, 23 September 2013

week 9 Term 3

Br ....sound of the week

Last week of the term

 This week we have been reading the big book called "Davy D's Dog". Davy D has a big big dog and a teeny tiny house. His dog's tail goes flick, flick, flick and breaks things in his house so Davy D builds him a new big big house. During the week the children in Room 16 have been designing their own new dog houses.(Discovery Time)
 They had to draw a diagram of the dog house and they were encouraged to be as creative as they wanted.

Our Spring Walk

the willow hut is growing!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 8

Well done room 16.....fabulous assembly...I am proud of you all!!

So this week ....slow start! Mrs Graham in for me on Monday and Mrs Dillon in on Tuesday. I will be doing some reading testing on Tuesday ....the last for the term and I expect some regular reading and writing to continue this week with maths.

 While fractions are our main focus we are still working on skip counting in 2's, 5's, and 10's....forwards and backwards. Doubling to 20 as as well.....practice at home is essential.


Saturday, 7 September 2013


Week 6 passed us by in a flash and I need to show the children's art off as they produced a range of different things-

 sillouette painting with blown ink trees
spring flowers
owl masks
shed painting
calendar prints with hand print
Miniboy in Danger paintings
bread tag monsters!
letter box painting
flax weaving

All lots of fun for the children...I think they had a great week ....we managed to also do some work on some book making and prepare for this week's assembly.
Assembly is at 11.30 on Friday and will be led by Room 16.You are welcome to attend.
Alex, Tiana, Felix and Flynn will be presenting.

Halloween+fall+water+color+and+ink+craft+art+project+for+kids+preschool.jpg (1024×1024)

Halloween+fall+water+color+and+ink+craft+art+project+for+kids+preschool.jpg (1024×1024)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

week 5 t3 2013

week 5

happy birthday to Felix and Luke

Miniboy in Danger out for our rewrite

 Letter sn.....snip snap don't forget Strike Performance-$5

so many six year olds....happy bithday to Luke and Felix and Ollie last week! Maths...please practice your doubles to 20

Monday, 19 August 2013

Week 4 term 3 2013

Week 4 Term 3 2013

Air rocket which we made at discovery

Letter ......ll

Air experiments
does air weigh anything?

 Air keeping the tissue dry
our visual observations

willow hut construction

the finished hopefully growing result!