Sunday, 25 November 2012

week 7

Letter Kk   week 7

Book of the week Smarty Pants by Joy Cowley

Rum tum tie See me fly! 

Kapanui Christmas Gala at school 30 November

Room 16 will be on stage at 5.30 ish as part of the Discoverers singing group

Come and support our school

Thursday, 22 November 2012

some more Nga Manu pics

Rhys and  a 20+ tuatara- soft and squishy to touch

observational drawing on the bush track

room 16

Sunday, 18 November 2012

week 6 term 4

Ok...the busy end of the year!...We start swimming Wednesday 21 at 1.45....walk to the pool changed and back again at 2.45pm all dressed! Next week is our beach trip and Stu Duvall the story teller is coming...$4 required to attend the story teller. ....notice in bags about the beach trip.
Kiwi Christmas is being presented by St Lukes on Wed. 12 December and the end of year picnic is 13 December after we sing for all parents at school at 11.30 am. Parent helpers welcome for the picnic.Notices about these events are in room 16 if you have not got yours.

half day on Friday this week...23 November...please remember the early close time for Kapanui!!


little spotted kiwi 

one of many pukekos

stoats, ferrets- danger for our native birds

slippery slimy eels

wood pigeon kereru

worm of wisdom

30 November - Kapanui Christmas at Kapanui 5pm- 8pm.

Letter Bb 

Swimming begins this week on Wednesday at 1.45pm
What a fantastic day we had at Nga Manu for some photos of the day.
Book of the week
Billy McBrown...check out the acting in room 16!

Monday, 12 November 2012

week 5 term 4

Remember we have our visit to Nga Manu on Thursday this week

AND healthy lunch on Wednesday for Room 16 and 6....we will be trying some of our garden produce in a roll or bread you supply for your child. 

  Letter of the week is Hh

Sunday, 4 November 2012

week 4 term4

week 4 Letter Jj remember about the guess the jellybeans in the jar contest...notice in bag...the entry fee is a can of food for a guess! BOOK of the WEEK

Thursday, 1 November 2012

week 3 T4 2012

sorry this is late this must be getting to the busy season! Letter of the week Ii....We have talked about the "short i" and the "long i" sounds

Long I- icecream, icicle, I, iron....
Short i- insect, igloo, iguana, in......

.A Good Idea by Bill Nagelkirke was our big book. We painted it and made our own big book.

Check it out in class!

This week we have been making masks for our presentation later in the term and we have been enjoying some fine weather at last!
 Nga manu trip permission is slowly coming back....remember to fill in the permission slip and send the $5.
Stu Duvall story teller is also looming...$4 required.
Some children have finished their first scrapbook and I have decided to start another rather than use the lined books....we will keep them new for 2013.

Some excellent Pukeko drawing on the corridor wall.....the children are doing some excellent observational drawing. 
Science for the week was the discussion we had about the earth's crust, volcanoes and pumice formation.