Sunday, 26 February 2017

week 5 term 1 2017

week 5 term 1 2017

Room 15 Penpal s
On Wednesday this week 1 March our class is walking to Parkwood to the Plateau Center to meet with potential “pen pals.” The idea is to introduce the children to people in our close community and strike up a relationship through letters.
We will take our morning tea with us on our first meet and greet session and hopefully begin the conversation!
If you can help  I would like to leave school at 9.45 am. We would really appreciate the help.

letter G g

Puss 'n' Boots $4.50 23 March

Swimming Sports

 Parkwood visit

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Week 4 2017 term 1

week 4

Skylah brought in an gum emperor moth caterpillar and it looks great! We hope it pupates!
Image result for gum moth caterpillarImage result for gum moth caterpillar

our big book from week 3

Swimming Sports this week on Tuesday.....we will go down to to the pools at about 12 . Then we will have our sausage ($2)  and  Juicy($1) or your own lunch as a nga kakano group. The swim follows in the little pool and after that we will join our whanau group on the bank with the rest of the school. 

Any help welcome!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

week 2 term 1 2017

week 2
Letter C- open mouth (Amelia ant talk)    C
Picnic and open class visit on Wednesday 8/2/17 at 5.30pm 
Our Class 2017





Maths today-- get 11 and make a tally chart

PMP begins this week on Tuesday for year 0/1 students at 9.30 am