Monday, 22 October 2012

week 2 term 4

We read our forst legend about how the kIWI lost his wings....the children will be able to tell you about that....

Don't forget about ordering Christamas 2013 diaries , calendars or cards....children's work is at the office for you to view. Room 16!

Important notice about Nga Manu in bags tonight Wednesday.....

The letter this week is letter l and the big book is Shoo! Shoo!Shoo! Look out for the BubbleTrouble book illustrated by the room 16 children. Most children have now been reading tested so they will be arriving home with some more challenging books to share. Missing some children this week ....hope they get well soon.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

week 1 Term 4

The first week down.....letter y
Book for the week and illustrated by the children
BUBBLE TROUBLE by Jill Eggleton

A lot of notices have gone home this week.....all the important dates are there and YES we will need some help for some of the trips mentioned so if you are willing and able we would love to have you along. Swimming help will be appreciated as well.

The children are currently being reading tested so there may not always be a book home each night and some will moved to more challenging stories....keep up the great work at home.

We are doing lots of singing in class practising for the concert and the syndicate is in our class for 2 practices per week.

On Thursday the publishing books went home...please return them on Friday or Monday.