Saturday, 28 July 2012

Week 3 Term 3 2012

Week 3

letter of the week - Aa

Welcome to Brooke and Kyan

This week we are celebrating the Olympics on Thursday....the children will be involved in games for the day and an Olympic ceremony with whanau groups representing many of the competing countries.

 Brooke was the star of the Olympics!! She had to light the flame with Mr Hedley...take a look WOW !

Watch this space for our book of the week.

We might add some more writing this week as well.
How about those musicians who visited last week ....they were fantastic!

On Wednesday Tony from McCains came to visit our gardens and tell us about planting. Check out the cool truck he drives!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

First days at school

Week 2 letter of the week O

welcome to Lilly!

 o for Octopus o for oil
 o for oranges o for ostrich
 o for owl
 o for Olympics
What can you think of???

Our Big Book this week is...............

Welcome Lilly!Our newest class member.

We have started this week with four children and their names are Tommie,Tiana,Rafferty and Alex.
Take a look at some of their great work in writing!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Week One Term 3

Up,Up and away in Room 16

Week 1 in Room 16 
Here are some songs and stories to get you started.
Letter of the week is the letter C