Sunday, 29 March 2015

week 9 term 1 2015

week 9

letter Tt

School finishes on Thursday this week for easter break and holidays.

You are invited to our Welcome Powhiri on WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL at 12.15 pm SCHOOL HALL The Powhiri is to welcome and acknowledge our new students and families for Term 1 2015. There will be a shared kai/food after this short ceremony and we would love you to stay for this. Any questions please talk to your child’s teacher. See you then Nga Mihi

Have your children make turkey or tulip handprints.
Turkey Handprint – make brown handprints (fingers spread) then use a black marker to add feet and facial features.
Tulips – Make red or pink handprints (fingers held together) add green paint or paper stems and leaves.
Cut out some large paper triangles for your children from green construction paper.
Fold the triangles in-half and have your children cut in from the outside side edge towards the fold (4-5 times).
Open to reveal branches on a tree.

Give your children 1” strips of paper.
Have them cut the paper into small triangle shapes.
Here is a fun activity using empty egg cartons and toilet paper tubes.
First, cut the egg cartons in-half, lengthwise.
Then, have your children paint the carton halves black.
Next, cut off a 2” section of the cardboard tube and have your child paint it red.
When dry, set the red tube on top of the first cup of the black egg carton to create a black train with a red smoke stack.
Write the letter “T” on the smoke stack.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

week 8 term 1 2015

week 8

letter Ee elephant toothpaste video

SCIENCE IN ACTION hydrogen peroxide 6% ( water with an extra oxygen) plus yeast/ food colouring and detergent= elephant toothpaste

This is our final week celebrating Movin March. Wednesday car free day: encourage your parents to drop you off at the beginning of Rimu or leave the car at home! Points for all walkers, bikers and scooters.

 Friday: Breakfast at 8am in the School Hall. Decorate the school gate with class celebrations of Movin March. Nga Manu wheels day Friday (you were rained out last week). 

Remember your sensory maps and your bike competition entries

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

week 6

Week 6 term 1 2015

swimming sports are rahina...Monday....( March. We will go down at 12 and have lunch and a fun swim with our discovery buddies. Then we will watch some races before we go back for our own swimming session. Please send money for sausage sizzle and / or juicie to classroom on Monday morning. Check the newsletter for details.

We have swimming every afternoon this week!

Letter of the week

What are we doing at swimming?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week 5

We begin swimming next week. ..notice to come!
Letter of the week Gg

Movin March 2015 Week 2nd-6th March

Scooter and bike obstacle course Friday 6th March. This week mediators will give out points to all scooter and bike riders on one ‘surprise day’ of the week. Sensory Map idea begins this week and runs until the end of Movin March. See bottom of page for ideas.

 Week 9th-13th March Walk to school week (points for your whanau everyday of this week) Walk your parents to school (double points when you hand over your parent)

 Week 16th-20th Wheels week (points for your whanau on your day only) Monday: Nga Manu Tuesday: Te Whenua Wednesday: Te Awa Thursday: Te Moana Friday: Te Waka Bring your scooters, bikes, roller skates out at lunchtime get your whanau points and enjoy a ride around the court. Label the bike competition begins this week.

All entries in on Friday 27th Week 23rd-27th March Car Free Day 

Wednesday 25th March (push this with your class). Decorate our school gate. Each class will contribute one idea that represents Movin March week. This could be a poster, a pair of decorated shoes, a graph representing your classes participation during Movin March etc etc.

 We will collect these at 9am Friday and decorate our school gate for everyone to view. 

Breakfast will be served from 8am in the School Hall for all who took an active part in Movin March.