Saturday, 25 May 2013

week 4 term 2 2013

Welcome to week 4
bl is our sound this week

Kahurangi Dance Company was a real treat or those of us who attended.....very professional and some great singing/ story telling and kapahaka with waiata!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

week 3 term 2 2013

week 3 our sound ch

this week our discovery programme was based around 5 classroom science experiences from worm making to erupting lava, skittles and acids and bases- observation and thinking!

remember swap a toy on THURSDAY
Kahurangi Dance Company $4 due this week.
Here is what the children did at the Graham Braddock art workshop today.

 Try this link for a view of the planets ......


Sunday, 12 May 2013

week 2 term 2 2013

Sh is our sound for the sh sh

Welcome to week two and thankyou for the Learning journeys
Late notice last week regarding the art is usually really good so I do recommend that we are organised for that.

Cake sale for raising money.........  this is for our mural on the shed outside our room.

Am keen to hear of any wonderings or questions you may have had about the UNIVERSE!

Friday, 3 May 2013

week 1 term 2 2013

Welcome back to Room 16 for the winter term....10 weeks til another break.

Learning Journeys to be returned this week please.

"th" is our sound for the week- you will notice that we have moved from letters to digraphs or 2 letters  together which make a distinct sound

Can you help with PMP???....if so please see Mrs Pearson or Rosie Va'a

than that  them 
then they  this
thud thug
thank  their there
thing think third 
thirteen  thousand Thursday

Consonant Digraphs: th-

The next thing is to let you know that our inquiry focus for term two is Matariki

We will be investigating the science of day and night/ earth's rotation in space, our star the sun, the stars in the night sky and particularly the Matariki constellation.
Questions and wonderings will dictate how our inquiry will proceed.....if you have been asked a question that is burning for your child....let me know!

Do you have a toy or game that you don’t need anymore?
Is it in good condition?
Do you think someone else might enjoy playing with it?

Then come to the Kapanui Swap a Toy Party!

When: Thursday 23rd May, 1pm.
Viewing time: 8.00-9.00am in the School Hall.
Why: Because we don’t need to spend money on new toys when we can recycle what we have with others.

If you would like to be part of the party you must:
1. Fill out the permission slip from the newsletter and return to room 11 with your toys.
2. Have your toys checked by Miss Hakkens by Wednesday May 22nd.

* You will get a coupon which will be used to purchase a new toy of your choice from the stage.

Discovery rocket men!