Monday, 26 October 2015

week 3 term4 2015

Week 3

 ASSEMBLY this week by room 5 and room 6 1.45 pm on Friday

....and it is black out day at Kapanui....Go the all Blacks

Stu Duval: story teller and artist
Next Thursday.. $4:50

Poems by room 5 children

My tree
My  tree is older than a bear,

My tree stands like a soldier,

My tree is taller than a giant
It’s rough like sharp wood,
It smells like a bran leaf
By Stanley

My tree

My tree   is older than me,

My tree stands like a   box,

My tree is   wider than a classroom,

My tree makes a   noise like a bird,

My tree is taller than a flower,

My tree is rough like a bumpy road,

My tree smells like a sock.

by Sam

My Tree

My tree is higher than my dad,

My tree stands like a wobble,

It’s wider than my spa pool,

It’s taller than my house,

It’s rough like bark.

by Willow

Blend of the week 
CH.......try finding some words with "ch"

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