Sunday, 11 October 2015

week 1 Term 4 2015

Week 1

Welcome back to the new and last term for 2015. This term will fly by! 

Just a reminder about the transition to school survey...please return to school as and when you complete it. This will be important information as we move forward.

Poetry this term and we will be having a grandparents day in week 7 25 November.
Welcome to term 4 2015
Just a quick note to mention that we are exploring fractions in maths…..lots of halves, thirds and quarters talk at home!
We also have a focus on poetry this term. To begin this unit I would like you to have your child choose an object at home to bring into school so that we can do some initial simile A leaf, driftwood, something from the natural world, not a toy, nothing valuable.

We will investigate the five senses with the object.

th letter blend this week

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