Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week 2 term 4

Extra note for this term....we welcome comments and the children would love to see them and read them so please try it out!

Welcome to week 2 Remember we need hats this term. We will repeat last weeks poem this week and need to keep learning it. Gr....our digraph for the week....we will also repeat this and do a little more on our handwriting. Keep working on doubles to 20 for maths and then .....11+11=10+10+1+1. Etc....more to come later!

Note the invitation notice in your book bag today! 

Grandparents or any special other is invited to school next Thursday for a dance presentation and morning tea in the classroom

you may hear the children practicing this....

Nana Rides a Scooter
Mum says Nana’s naughty,
She won’t do what she’s told,
She’s just turned ninety five,
But she doesn’t act that old,
She doesn’t ride a wheel chair,
Cos that just doesn’t suit her,
When she goes down to the town,
She rides a scooter.

Nana rides a scooter – look out here she comes!
Her smiling face from ear to ear
She’s showing off her gums.
She may have arthritis – banyans on her heels,
But she’s my groovy Granny – the fastest on two wheels!

On Friday nights she loves to race,
The hoons just up the street,
Toughie dudes with greasy dreads,And wheels instead of feet,
Her scooter isn’t pretty,With just a touch of rust,
But that’s the way she likes it,And she leaves them in her dust!

Nana wears a medal,
She got it just last week,
Caught a van of robbers, who were faster than the police,
She pulled up to their window and watched them turning pale,
“I’m that naughty Nana who is taking you to jail”


welcome Kyle!

welcome Finn
welcome Lachie

Thankyou Tommie and Sophie

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