Sunday, 17 November 2013

week 6 term 4 2013

week 6 Term 4 2013

Our 5 t a day picnic lunches which we made at Discovery with greens from the gardens......Yum!

welcome to Journey

Pr  for prince

Swimming begins on Wednesday this week......we will be walking to the pool at 1.50 pm and walking back at about 2.45 pm.

Chicken news ....Sunlight is HUGE!!! Will find out about Dot today........and she is fine although quite little still.

On Wednesday we are having a healthy bun day and you need a bun or roll and we will fill it up.

The Beach
Yesterday dad and Lily and I went to the beach and we wore our gumboots and coat.We went to the muddy part to catch tiny crabs.I caught two big ones and one middle sized one.We released them in the water.We watched them scurry away and then dig a hole in the sand.Next we went to the sandy part and played pirates and I made a line through the sand.Through a bug grave yard and the broken forest of souls to the enchanted seaweed .Next we dug it up then we looked for a new ship.Then Lily decided she would be a cat.Then we pretended it was daddy pirates birthday.


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