Thursday, 15 March 2012

16 /3 12 HALF WAY

Difficult to comprehend that nearly half of our time has gone and still so much to do !
This week I spent three days at Nga Manu and 1 at Te Papa. It has been really good as I have begun the surveying of Nga Manu ...this means collecting, logging, identifying , pressing and drying ferns. A spread sheet is created indicating genus and species , GPS position, habitat both physical and biological , plant habit ( rhizome erect creeping, scales, hairs , height etc) and collection notes as to whether it is common or not.
Each collected fern is numbered and logged for the spread sheet and eventual data basing information. The ferns are pressed between newspaper and arranged on the paper ready for mounting. I then deliver them to the drying room in Te Papa where Leon checks them and they go for drying. Next step is to mount. The best part was out of 30 odd ferns I had mananged to ID at 100%....a very happy person!I have also cleared up some id issues at Nga Manu where they have been arguing as to what the fern is... and I met Grace ...a guide at Nga Manu who has lots of knowledge.
I will be talking to the guides on the 26 March as a guest volunteer walking guides at Nga Manu.

Ruhmora adiantiformis

So all in all a busy and productive week. I have also applied for a DOC permit to collect specimens from Hemi Matenga Reserve and Leon thinks I will get Nga Manu finished by next week. Most have been ticked off the list plus about  five not thought to be there that are there.

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