Saturday, 19 May 2018

week 4 term 2 2018

week 4

Cross Country. Thursday 24th May 11am. Waikanae Park.22/5

Nga kakano will be running first and the children have a fun run obstacle course option as well as a competitive race. Whanau colours to be worn where possible.

I saw a really good magic trick today.It was by Ms Pearson and this is what she did.So first she got a cup and put water in it.Then she got some help and then she got a and then put the card on the bottom of the cup then she turned over the cup and the next thing you know the water was in the cup and she didn't have her hand on the card and it was so cool.
 By Kyren

The mammoth powers of air pressure. The air that is all around us reaches right to the edge of space is pressing down on US like a massive weight. Its pressing down and up as well. The force of airpressure pressing up on the card is stronger than the force of gravity trying to pull down. No one got wet!

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