Saturday, 13 May 2017

week 3 term 2 2017

week 3
 We have a short day on Thursday...2pm finish. Have you got the signed pick up form back to me?

Tuesday 16 we are hosting a team from Foxton Wildlife Trust. They are bringing a variety of lizards, eels and weta  for us to view. There is a gold coin donation required for the session...whanau are welcome to join us as well.

 exotic leopard gecko
 we learned gecko's do not blink...they lick their eyes.
Skinks are smooth while gecko's have a soft fabric like feel...a bit like velvet.There are more than 99  species of lizards in NZ.

 North Island tree gecko-Duvaucel’s gecko was aggressive!There are at least 39 species of gecko in New Zealand. However, only 18 of these have been formally described, and further discoveries of new species are still very likely as we learn more about them.
 here is the Duvaucel’s gecko,

 letter Hh

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