Friday, 5 August 2016

Week 3 2016 term 3

Week 3 2016 term 3

KapanuiParents & FriendsAssociationpresents  

Friday12thAugust 7pm - Waikanae MemorialHall -Tickets$25includesafreedrinkandnibbles!

A socia lnightout foradults! EFTPOS available at the bar. 18+

You can internetbank to 12-3157-0098708-00Kapanui School Board ofTrustees with your name and"Groove" as a reference and then pick up the tickets from the office a couple of days later.

Fundraising for our school camps and trips

Sewing in room 15...concentration!

 Willow's pirate from her reading task

Family and Whanau,
This week at school we are making paper planes and measuring how far they can fly. We will be holding an air-show on Friday to see which plane can fly the furthest. Ask your child to show you the design they are using for their plane and help them experiment with things that may make the plane go further. Run some trials at home estimating how far the plane flew each time. 

This term we are doing stitchery and as you can imagine it is a task that requires many extra hands. We are intending to make a shared quilt with the focus on things that fly. If anyone can offer an hour or two on a Friday morning (between 9.00-11.00 ) we would be very grateful. You DO NOT need any skills apart from threading a needle, tying knots and a little patience. Just let us know a time and date. Many thanks in advance.

 last week we had 2 sessions on the life ed truck about behaviour, the green line and what are good behaviours and not so good.

ch  is our digraph

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