Monday, 20 June 2016

week 8 term 2 2016

week 8
Kia rere au ki nga rangi tuhaha kia tau atu au ki toku taumata.
 Let me soar to the heavens so I may reach my potential.


dr and j Lego City   written by Jed
 At my house I made lego city. It has a lego building and a lego fire station. The fire station has a fire boat and a fire helicopter and a fire engine in the building. On the sixth story there is a café. On the fifth story there is a kindy and on the fourth story there is a school. On the third story there is a work place. On the second story there is a train station.
 “We are going to the fire station.”
“No, we are going to the new school.”
 “First we are going on a bus,” said the teacher.
“Ok’” said John, “we are on the bus.”
 “We are here and I did not bring my lunch box. We are going to have a picnic. I have got some food. The school bus is here. We are going to go back to school, but if there is a fire, run out.”
 “There is a fire!”
 “OK! Then let me call the fire station on my phone. Jump on the bus if you want to see the fire, but we’re going to stay on the bus so we cannot see the fire.”
 “We can turn around the corner,” said the teacher.
“OK,” said Sam.
“Wow!” said John.
 “That is a big fire,” said Jack.
 “Neena,” goes the fire engine. The fire engine is very big and the ladder can go up to the school. There is a lot of water. The fire is out!
 “Now we can go to the fire station.”
 “Who wants to go to the fire station and who wants to go in the helicopter?”
 “Helicopter!” shouted the kids.
 We are at the fire station and we have seen all the fire equipment.
 By Jed

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