Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Week 2 term 1 2016

Week 2 term 1 2016

We have a DISCOVERER'S PICNIC on WEDNESDAY 9 FEBRUARY at 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm at school.This is an opportunity to meet each other and your teachers with  an informal evening picnic. Bring your family and enjoy. 

Welcome to Eli,Cameron and have had a super first week at school.
2016 Room 15
welcome everyone

Our Three new boys in room 15
Aidan   Eli    Cameron

Supporting Children with Reading at Home

  • Choose a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted.  Sit beside your child so you can both see the text.
  • Regular 15 minute sessions, 4 to 5 times a week would be ideal.
                   The Golden Rule …….  Reading should be enjoyable

How to Begin
  • Talk about the title of the book and look at the pictures.
  • Predict what the story will be about.

  • When your child stops at a difficult word wait, for 5 seconds, for them to have an attempt at the word by themselves.  It is important that they use their own strategies to try to work out the word.
  • Encourage your child to go back and try the word again.

If your child is having difficulty…wait and then prompt
Choose from one of the following:
1. Try that again.
2. “Does that make sense?”  OR
3. “Does it look right? - matching sounds to letters or chunks of words OR
4. “Can you say it that way?”
5. “Let’s work it out together” - sounding out the word

Tell your child the word if it is getting too difficult.

Praise the Reading  Children need encouragement
  • Praise when the child is partly right
e.g “Good you’ve had a go at those sounds—it’s a tricky word.”
  • Praise when the child gets a word right after prompting  
e.g. “Well done, you worked it out by yourself.”
  • Praise for self-correction
e.g. “That’s great how you fixed up your own mistake without any help.”
At the end of the story spend a few minutes discussing the story.  You can see how well your child has understood the main ideas.

Thank you and if there’s any problem please see me.
Kind regards

Wendy Pearson

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