Monday, 17 August 2015

week 5 term 3 2015

week 5

The science roadshow is visiting the school on 17 September.

 Se17pt 17. We are lucky enough to have 100 places, but these will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. The cost is $7 to the office. The notice will be in next Wednesdays newsletter. Children will have an hour and a half on interactive science stations. This is a wonderful opportunity and it would be great to get as many children to the show as possible.

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Today we were measuring - what did we use and how did we do it?
We found out that you neede to have no gaps between our units of measure which could have been blocks or sticks ----they needed to be all the same size units so we could compare.

We used words like long/ short / tall/ wide/ thin/ measure/ units - longer/ shorter/ big/ little.

Some of the turtles were bigger than others and we had to put them in order from smallest to biggest.

Fundraising Initiative
The Enviro Group are initiating a ‘litterless’ fundraiser where every Wednesday we will be selling yummy items at morning break. Items will sell for either 50c or $1 and all funds will go to the School Fundraising Committee. Ideally we will be looking to sell cookies, slice, muffins etc.
How can you help? We are looking for volunteers to offer to bake a batch of something to sell. If we receive enough support, you would only be asked to do this once this year. In order to maximise profits, we are hoping that you could donate your time and ingredients please. We will happily reimburse as well.
If you think you can help, or would like to discuss this further, please contact Denis Tocker in Room 14, either in person or

What do you need to do: bake something that will suit most children, ideally 60-80 items, and bring them into Room 14 by 10.30am on the Wednesday of your week. They need to be free of any potential rubbish e.g. muffin paper.

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