Wednesday, 10 September 2014

week 8

Week 8

ed endings
kupu te wiki niho----teeth
food of the week - cauliflower

rhyming words...let's talk lots about rhyme..make games with the competitions on rhyming words....hear the same sounds....have fun with rhyme.
9+9...............know these as fast as you hear them!
numbers to 10 .....2+8, 3+7 etc finger play and counting fingers up plus fingers down to 10
Dice patterns.....board games are great for learning the dice patterns quickly.
Count backwards and forwards from ANY number to 30
We are doing 3x2  and more as....three groups of 2....make and then write.

We are saying 15 bugs....3 many in each bug catcher ? and then ..... 15 fairshared between 3 and written as........15÷3= 5 ( you can try this with all sorts of other scenarios!)

we are going to see the new bridge under construction next Tuesday at 11.30 am....please send your form in if you can help with transport...

sorry this is late this week!
Study ladder is up to date with the whole class on the register...try it by going to the page at the top of the blog home page.

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