Thursday, 20 February 2014

week 4 term 1 2014

Did I say this week for the bullying show???....sorry it is not til March!!...but tonight we have our parent visit.... Discoverers’ Meet the Teachers Meeting 2014 Dear Parents and Caregivers You are invited to meet the Discoverers ’teachers on Wednesday evening (26/2) between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. We will meet in the school staffroom for introductions and some general information before moving to your child’s classroom where the class teacher will talk about that class’s programme. We look forward to seeing you.

rocket launch today

Bluebell and Billy....Marcel's budgies
observational drawing the budgies

week 4

Letter Dd

Cyber busters show for Wednesday this week   Cost $3
minute anti-bullying plays


Hi Rez Comes to Earth is a 40-minute show for children in years R-3 that deals with the issue of

INCLUSION. It's a story-based performance that teaches children to be respectful towards others

and open to the idea of including new and different people in their activities.

The story goes like this:

Hi Rez is a purple space alien who comes to Earth on instructions from his planet elders. Hi Rez has

only been playing with other purple aliens and has been ignoring all the aliens of other colours, even

other aliens who are light purple! So his assignment is to visit Earth to find out about INCLUSION.

Upon arrival, Hi Rez meets a young school girl named Jessie who has been excluded from one of the

clubs at school because her clothes are out of fashion.

Jessie and Hi Rez become friends and she teaches Hi Rez the positive benefits of being receptive

to new people and new ideas. And Hi Rez helps her understand the importance of being persistent

and standing up for yourself, especially when she really wants to do something, like join the hip hop

club! Together, Jessie and Hi Rez also work out that it's OK to have your own group of friends and

that not everyone can be part of every group (to play football, you have to be able to play football!).

It's just that when someone is being left out, then that's not right.

It takes a while for the student body to get used to the fact that Hi Rez is purple, but his arrival works

for the positive, and everyone ends up learning a new, inclusive approach to social interaction.

Together with recruits from the audience, Jessie and Hi Rez play a game of musical chairs. Hi Rez

feels left out when he's the the odd man out. So Jessie and the student volunteers replay the game,

only this time Jessie adds a chair instead of taking one away. This allows everyone to sit down,

including a new person from the audience!


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  1. Wendy, thanks for the informative parent-teacher meeting this evening. We're both relieved that Manaia looks forward to going to school, has a positive attitude, has settled in well and has already made new friends. Thank you for enabling this positive learning experience. (Moana & Drew)


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